Block Python
Coding for kids using simple language

Block Python Coding Classes

Block Python serves as the buffer course between Scratch block coding and textual programming language-Python.

After moving from Scratch to Python, many students often struggle with adaptation to the new course and to serious textual programming. The difficulty of the Python course may scare your child or he/she can become indifferent. We are offering Block Python in order to help out students to go through this phase easier.

Making up blocks, the website automatically generates the code into text format, so it helps a student to see an analogy between the block and textual programming. Students will get acquainted with the basic algorithmic constructions and will learn how to deal with them.

Who are these classes suitable for?

We do recommend signing up for this course after having learned the Scratch basis.

A student has to know the basic math operations, branching, iterations, and transients. For the lessons a child has to have a great command of PC, for example, to know how to use a web browser, open new tabs, download and install files on the computer, create and rename folders. He also should be familiar with a keyboard layout, know how to type, use the hotkeys and how to hold a mouse in the hand confidently.
The course is suitable for nine-year-olds, but those who are younger than 10 need to take a check-up test for signing up.

Learning is done on the Edublocks online platform.

What will your child learn on the Block
Python lessons?

A student will learn the coding basis, so it will be easier for him/her to continue with the textual language Python.
Each topic includes both theoretical and practical tasks:
  1. Data input and output, transient, features “print” and “input”.
2. ”Random” and “turtle” modules.
3. Data types, operations with transients.
4. Branching. Logical operators. Complex conditions.
5. “While” and “For” cycles.
6. Lists. Lists creating. Working with lists.
7. Functions. Functions creating. Functional parameter. The “return” block.
An example of working on the edublocks online platform
Thanks to the Block Python course, your child will quickly become familiar with text-based programming languages without losing interest.