Hackathon in ITGENIO
The opportunity to meet other students
and work as a team

January 25 is the last day of registration
What is Hackathon in ITGENIO?
Working in teams
to create a project
Students break into teams of four to six and work together on a project. It could be a game, a cartoon, a chatbot, a website, a 3D model, or something else.
Soft-skills development
and new friends

Participants will have to communicate a lot with each other, negotiate, sometimes argue and defend their point of view, find compromises and work together. It's a great opportunity to develop communication skills and make friends from all over the world!
Couch support
Each team will have a coach-captain who will organize students, distribute tasks, and help with project creation.
All participants will receive certificates and memorable gifts of branded products.
All students of ITGENIO can participate.
We especially recommend those who have been with us for a long time :)
Hackathon will take place from January 31 to February 13, 2022.
For two weeks the teams will be creating their projects and preparing their presentation. Everything will take place online. The student would need about two hours a day to participate.
The family will be charged 2 two-hour sessions (or 3 hour, or 2 hour individual format, or 6 hour group format) for participating in Hackathon. The payment will go towards rewarding coaches.
Who can participate in it?
Cost of participation?
Sign up to Hackathon in the private parental account
Program of the event
Team Formation
The first stage is the formation of teams and getting to know each other.
Each team will have its own chat room on our platform, where you can communicate and call each other. So don't forget to log in to your personal student account :)
  1. From 28.01 to 30.01 you need to go to your LC and get to know the team. If by this time you have not received a message - write to Itgenik.
  2. If you do not contact your curator by 31.01, your participation will be canceled.
  3. On January 31st, you will have a mandatory general phone call with the team, at which the project theme, work plan and roles are assigned.
  4. You will have a call plan so you can calculate your time.
  5. It is also imperative to subscribe to the HACKATHON community.
Creating the project
For two weeks, the teams will work on the project. The guys will choose their own topic. It could be a game, a cartoon, a 3D model or something else.
31.01 - 12.02 - work on the project is pending.
Recording the final video
In addition to the project itself, each team will be required to provide
a video summary with a story about the team, the project and how they did it.
13.02 - presentation of projects
Summing up and presentation of projects
All teams submit finished projects and video stories about how they created them. The work is published on the school's social networks and on the internal communities in the private account. There will also be a small online celebration event :)
All participants will be sent certificates and memorable gifts.
Projects from the last Hackathon
Subscribe to the Hackathon community - there will be a lot of interesting things to find out!