Making music in FL Studio
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FL Studio is one of the most popular apps for making electronic music. Thanks to its simplicity FL Studio has won the hearts of millions of musicians and producers all over the world. At the same time this app offers almost endless opportunities, it has everything you need for the professional sound work. Many famous producers and DJs create their hits using FL Studio. Among them are such names as Martin Garrix, Avicii, Deadmau5, Porter Robinson, Seven Lions and many other.

During our classes students will know how to use FL Studio, they will learn how to make electronic music in the most popular genres such as Future Bass, Future House, Trap, Dubstep and so on. Starting from the most emotional and lyric tracks we will proceed with those that some grannies and grandads don’t even consider to be music! And beats, of course! It would be strange not to learn how to create them, living in days of extreme popularity of rap music.
What will a student learn?

Obviously, we’ll have to learn a lot of information in order to create high-quality tracks. We’ll learn the basic concepts of constructing chords and melodies. Students are about to learn how to use keyboards and set up sounds. In addition to this we’ll get to know the sound design.
There is no high-quality track without mixing, so we’ll explore sound engineering: equalizers, delays, compressors and other limiters won’t be a mystery anymore. The persistent ones are to learn about physics of sound vibrations, spectrum and other optional details.

A student will decide by himself/herself how fundamentally he/she wants to explore the subject. Everyone can find the necessary knowledge, support and help here, regardless of his/her goals: whether it’s to make music like an evening activity and just for himself/herself, or to completely jump back into this seething cauldron and to turn up in 10 years holding a Grammy for “the best song of the year”.
How to make music via FL Studio?
  1. Upload the instruments and sounds into the project
  2. Set up the right sounding in plugins and samplers, add the notes and arrange the patterns in the playlist.
  3. Process the instruments on the mixer board, add the necessary effects, automations, mix the instruments with one another.
  4. Pin 4 Soundgoodizers on the master channel in A mode, export the result into mp3. Done! Great job!
How to make electronic music?
Electronic music consists of sounds and instruments that are created by a computer. To make your music electronic, don’t use the actually recorded sounds, all the instruments should be created exclusively via keyboard’s plugins. If you use the recordings from mic, don’t leave it without any editing. The sound should be changed so it would be undoubtedly made by a computer*

*there are some contraindications, consult with an expert before editing
Who are the classes suitable for?
The classes are suitable for kids who don’t know how to make music yet but are eager to learn. The course will give all the necessary basic skills and knowledge.
Here are some examples:

Иван Калинкин - SKYPE.mp3, Neon bussnis.mp3
Игнат Шатинскас - Funnygeddon.mp3, Epic Siege.mp3, Machine Battle.mp3
Лев Роговский - Phonk.wav
Немов Илья - Колокольчички.mp3