Python:Pygame classes for kids

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Pygame it’s the library of the Python programming language. In simple terms, it’s the update that helps to create computer games and colour graphics apps.

Who are these classes suitable for?
In order to learn Python:Pygame students need to master the Python basics. We recommend this course to those who have learnt all the main topics on our Python course and want to create their own games.
Children are fond of creating games so it’s an excellent variant for them :)

Using Pygame it’s possible to create colourful and complex projects. Children are about to learn as well as enjoy their projects.

What will a student learn?
During the course out tutors use the theoretical materials, projects from all the different kinds of books, original exercises and various games for the beginner programmers.
On the lessons a student will create his own projects starting from simple games to popular prototypes: Doodle Jump, Platformer, Flappy Bird, Star Wars, Need for Speed and many others.
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